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ProVoc has been retired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer/test my vocabulary on my iPhone or iPod touch?

We're aware about the fact that the current version of ProVoc is not yet compatible with the iPhone or the iPod touch. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you whether we'll have time to plan such a feature in a not-so-distant future, since we only develop during our free time.

Thank you for your understanding!

Is any vocabulary in other languages available for ProVoc?

The vocabulary files available to download are all created by users, and are all provided as a courtesy. It is thus impossible to know what languages will be next available.

“Predictions are difficult, especially concerning the future.” - N. Bohr

Will ProVoc be available for Windows?

No. We only develop software for Mac.

Can vocabulary be used on Windows-formatted iPods?

Yes! Once vocabulary has been transferred onto an iPod (from a Mac), it's just plain text files located within the "Notes" folder of the iPod. These files can then be freely copied across any iPod with the Notes reader.

My iPod does not display any vocabulary. The note reader only displays a blank note.

Just reset your iPod.

My iPod does not display the non-latin characters of my vocabulary (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Thai or Hindi alphabets).

Since an iPod is more limited than a Mac, it just does not support as many alphabets as the latter. Most iPod thus cannot display "exotic" characters, such as letters from Hebrew, Arabic, Thai or Hindi alphabets. It is not known when Apple will add support for these and other missing languages. A non-Apple hack for Hebrew may be available here.

How can I update my vocabulary submission?

Simply submit your vocabulary again, keeping the same title and author.

How can I delete my vocabulary submission?

Write us an specifying which is your vocabulary submission and we'll remove it for you.

I found a mistake in one vocabulary file. What shall I do?

You can fix it and submit the vocabulary file again, keeping the same title and author.

How do I import words from an Excel spreadsheet or from a RTF document?

The simplest way is to copy the vocabulary data and paste it into ProVoc. Alternatively, you can export the vocabulary as pure text (.txt file), which can then be imported by ProVoc.

Is it possible for ProVoc to automatically adjust the keyboard layout (input source) according to the language of the current selection?

No yet, unfortunately. But we're looking for a solution for a future release of ProVoc.

Is it possible to add more columns in a document?

No yet, unfortunately. But this is a feature planned for some future release of ProVoc.

Is it possible to insert verbs in various conjugations/substantives in various inflections?

No yet, unfortunately. But this is a feature planned for some future release of ProVoc.

Is it possible to change the font or the size of the text on the iPod?

No. The size or the font for the text in the iPod's note reader cannot be changed.

Is it possible to change the font of the text in the ProVoc widget?

Yes. Here is the workaround:

  1. In the Finder, locate the ProVoc.wdgt file in the folder ~/Library/Widgets/
  2. Control-click the icon, and choose "Show Package Contents"
  3. Edit the file ProVoc.js (e.g. with TextEdit) so that the lines in the beginning look like this:
    var sourceFontFamily = "HelveticaNeue";
    var targetFontFamily = "HelveticaNeue";
    var commentFontFamily = "HelveticaNeue";
    Replace "HelveticaNeue" with the name of the font you want to use (without spaces)
  4. Save the file and reload the ProVoc widget in Dashboard (⌘R)

How can I disable or change the time interval for the periodic autosaving of documents?

  1. Quit ProVoc
  2. Open the Terminal utility (located in the folder /Applications/Utilities)
  3. Enter the following command in the Terminal window:
    defaults write ch.arizona-software.provoc AutosavingDelay 0
    You can replace the "0" by any positive value to specify a time interval in seconds.
  4. Relaunch ProVoc

Note that this option is planned to be made available from the preferences in a future release.

Online Help

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