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ProVoc has been retired.

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“Let me just say this much: If it weren't for this program, I would never have improved my Japanese. I recommend it to all mac users who study Japanese, or any other language for that matter. Absolutely fantastic. Kudos to you guys!”
— D.M.
“I just wanted to tell you that I'm seriously speachless! This offer is so awesome!!! I always wanted a program to learn English, Latin and French — and now I have one — for free!!!! Thank you so much! That's just amazing! Really great! It's fantastic!”
— I.Z. (Germany)
“Your Provoc software is simply amazing! And I tried many ways and tools in my selfstudy to learn Japanese, not an easy language. This is the most usefull tool I found on Mac, Windows, and in the bookstore. I guess the best things in life are still for free...”
— R.V. (Netherlands)
“Thank you so much for creating ProVoc — it's truly fantastic. Learning vocab has never been so easy!”
— M.H. (UK)
“PROVOC IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC! For me it is soooo perfect, I actually laugh when I make lessons.”
— J.B. (Norway)
“I'm studying Traditional Chinese Medicine right now and needed a way to study for both in-class exams and the Boards — 2 multiple choice exams (4 hours long each). This is easily the best software out there for that. With the recent updates, even my longer questions and answers fit — and the addition of the photo option means I can quiz myself on herb recognition as well. This program has saved my skin. Thank you for the quality, the updates, and the (ahem) student price — a generous gesture by anybody's standards. Thank you, thank you!!!”
— C.
“Wow! Absolutely the best vocab trainer I've found here on versiontracker!”
— (VersionTracker)
“Hi. I'm just emailing to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts in developing ProVoc. I'm a first-year college student taking Latin I, and ProVoc is helping me immensely in studying for my final exam. I wish I had discovered it earlier in the semester! And I certainly expect to find extensive use for it in the future.”
— A.A.
“I have overnight become a convert to your amazing software. We teach Japanese here from Year 8 to Year 12 and I have been progressively implementing this software across all my classes. Your addition of the functioanlity in the beta is EXACTLY what we were hoping might evolve, i.e, the audio and image/movie facility.”
— P.W. (Australia)
“This is probably the best educational tool that I have found for learning new languages.”
— (MacUpdate)
“Really lovely application. Great for studying Japanese especially the ease of inputing Kanji and Hiragana. Very groovy. Thank you.”
— G.
“Wow, an easy to use flash-card program with audio, image and video support! A beautiful yet fully functional full screen mode with complete testing options and an easy to understand history graph shows what you got right or wrong. Can be used for much more than languages, under preferences->languages just add question and answer as categories and deselect unneeded options. Many thanks to the developers for giving the mac community this amazing FREE!!! educational tool.”
— (MacUpdate)
“I've found ProVoc as an incredibly useful application. Great job!”
— W.U.
“Thank you for offering your software for free. ProVoc is incredible. I spent $15 for iFlash, and within the first few seconds of using ProVoc I found my favorite study app. I would wouldn't hesitate to drop $5-$10 for it, if it ever became shareware. Thank you so much!”
— K.E.
“Thank you very much for the greatest piece of software I have ever stumbled upon. It is amazingly easy to use, so feature-rich and well made that anyone wanting to learn a language should download and use it. Letting ProVoc be free gives me a reason to believe the human race is not doomed after all.”
— J.B. (Norway)
“Wow, I just downloaded ProVoc, and I am stunned at the high quality of the application. Bravo! ProVoc is--dare I say--even more elegant than Apple's own iApps. Amazing!!! Thank you!!!!”
— C.M.
“Just a quick note to say thanks for creating such a marvelous application. The learning techniques and feedback, its ability to handle media, and the iPod export is superb. I have been looking at other programs, but they dont come any where near this feature, interface and price model. Outstanding.”
— J.B.
“I have just found and downloaded ProVoc and I love it. It has great variety of options that helps very much improving one's vocabulary. You can get familiar with it in just a few seconds. Thanks very much and keep goin'...”
— K.N. (Hungary)
“Thank you for making such a useful software as ProVoc.”
— S.I. (Japan)
“Wow. This is just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for this app. Now I really have no excuse to not know my languages better!”
— D.B.
“Excellent new features! I've been using ProVoc for some months now and with each new release it keeps getting better. I have been very happy from beginning on, and the speed at which the developer includes new features and fixes any bugs is truly remarkable. Tried this new beta for about a day now, like the new interface, but especially the ability to see statistics of your tests is an excellent addition to this software. Highly recommended!!!”
— (VersionTracker)
“Amazing and simple in one-go! Thanks for that smart app!”
— T.Y.
“It is a great software, very useful.”
— O.G.
“I have been studying Japanese for several months. Your product, ProVoc, has been very helpful. Not only is the "vocabulary list" capability very useful, the testing features have really helped me keep my skills sharp. I also appreciate your latest versions incorporating iPod uses. Very innovative! Please keep up the great work. I look forward to further updates to your great software.”
— J.W.
“Thanks a lot for ProVoc. It really helps me to improve my vocabulary.”
— P.G.
“Thank you for ProVoc — it's so easy and so much fun to work with! I've only been using it for a few weeks now, but I wouldn't want to miss it already.”
— T.S. (Germany)
“Thanks for a rock-solid product”
— R.J.
“Your little application ProVoc is tremendous!”
— T.W.
“You have a superb product that you should be very proud of.”
— S.T.
“This is a fine program with many nice features — considering the price ;-) — it is a generous gift to the language-learning public.”
— D.S. (US)
“You've added ProVoc to my daily routine. Keep up the great work!”
— R.J. (US)
“I love your software!”
— J.M. (US)
“Thanks for the nice application. I really love it. Especially, printing card option is the exactly what I have been looking for.”
— J.L. (US)
“Simply awesome — simple to use and totally clear interface.”
— M.O. (Germany)
“It's really helping me learning vocabulary. It's a great application!”
— M.W. (Finland)
“Very cool, and very useful! Thanks for the free tool, it's a great help for my study! [...] ProVoc has become an application that always runs in the background, so I can click it and take a little test whenever I want.”
— P.Z. (Norway)
“I like it! Simple and good idea.”
— (MacUpdate)
“This is a very helpful app. I am using it to study japanese, and it seems to work great so far, even with all those signs. Plus, it's free ;)”
— (MacUpdate)